Our aim is to provide the best customer experience, with responsive helpful assistance throughout the certification process. However there may be occasions when a customer feels we can improve our services. For feedback, complaints or appeals, please use our contact form, with the relevant subject line feedback, complaints or appeals, and we will send across the relevant form to be completed. Complaints or appeals will be investigated by an independent committee, and will not result in any discriminatory action to the appellant or complainant. All feedback we receive is reviewed to ensure we continuously provide the best possible service.


 Impartiality is the cornerstone of our certification activities. HCE management is committed to ensuring impartiality throughout our certification activities. Our system, procedures and structure are founded on minimising and eliminating risks to impartiality or conflicts of interest. As an independent legal entity, we enjoy independence from organisational pressures. Our impartiality committee, procedures and risk analysis ensure that we maintain our impartiality in our services. For more information on our impartiality, please use the contact form with the subject line ‘impartiality’.

HCE Quality Policy

HCE aims to be a leading provider of Halal certification services by striving to exceed our clients and stakeholders requirements and expectations. Services will be provided in a manner necessary to preserve objectivity, fairness, impartiality and confidentiality.

Our commitment to quality includes:

  1. Complying with international standards and Halal accreditations

HCE operates a quality management system built on processes that meets the requirements of international standards including ISO 17065:2012, GSO, ESMA, JAKIM (Malaysia), MUI (Indonesia) and MUIS (Singapore).

  1. Client oriented approach

We are committed to providing an efficient and pragmatic service with personalised customer service. We actively seek client feedback and, where possible, use this to identify potential improvements in our process. A key quality objective is the satisfaction of our stakeholders. 

  1. Involve all relevant parties in maintaining quality 

We recognise that the contribution of each and every individual at HCE is necessary to achieving our quality goals. As such we are actively committed to provide further training, where required, thereby fostering the competencies needed to provide a sustained high level of service.

  1. Continuous improvement of Quality Management System

HCEs Quality Management System is continually reviewed, and where possible, improved by the Senior Management Team to promote the achievement of our quality objectives.

We acknowledge improving and sustaining quality is a continuous process and we endeavour to ensure consistent and continued improvements to our quality so that our clients can receive the best quality.