Halal Certification Application
•    Apply online using the ‘Online Halal Certification Application Form’.
•    Application form submitted
•    Quotation provided   
•    Certification Agreement to be signed
•    All documents and applications to be sent

Evaluation Activities
•    Detailed vetting of documents and additional information
•    On-site audit to ensure compliance with Halal standards
•    Laboratory testing of products when necessary

Halal Certification
•    Halal certification status letter sent after certification decision committee has evaluated application.
•    Halal Certificate issued for approved products only
•    The overall certification period will last for three years.
•    Maintenance of certificate issuing will be subject to satisfactory surveillance audit, after the initial certification period.
•    Decisions for granting, maintaining, extending, reducing scope, suspending or withdrawal of certification will be based on conformance to HCE Halal Standards.

Suspension or Withdrawal of Certification
•    HCE has the right to suspend or withdraw a Halal Certificate. Reasons for suspension or withdrawal include:
•    Improper use of reference to HCE or improper use of the Halal logo
•    Failure to meet requirements of Halal standard
•    Failure to comply with the contractual agreement